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Benefit Strategies...with you and your employees in mind

With a minimum of 2 employees, we can help you structure a comprehensive employee benefit package that will help your organization attract and retain key employees.

Whether the benefit design is based on a tight budget or, if your organization is thriving financially. Business Health Strategies offers benefit packages tailored to your specific needs.   

While Medical and Dental Insurance are the most common benefits, it is as important for employees to insure their paycheck and most importantly, their lives. Disability and Life Insurance coverage can be offered through either employer sponsored or voluntary work site benefits. By implementing pre tax options for all benefits, employees can possibly decrease their tax liability ultimately decreasing overall payroll taxes for the employer.

Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSA's) and Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts (HRA's) are the newest products to be offered and are designed to enable employees to become better consumers by sharing a greater portion of the up front cost for healthcare expenses.

With HSA's their are opportunities for establishing a savings account while deferring taxes for qualified medical expenses. 

HRA's allow for specific amounts to be established by the employer to help employees offset some of their expense. 

Both require the employee to make decisions and shop, using on-line tools in seeking healthcare services.  We can provide an analysis and comparison to determine if these types of arrangements are a good fit and would financially make sense for both the employer and employee.

We do the same amount of analysis for 2 employees as we do for 200 or 2,000 employees.  Please contact us to learn how we can become your insurance broker. Our expert consultation will help make your benefit packages competitive and meaningful to you and your employees. Let us
assist you with any or all of the following:

      • Full Market Bid - Comparison of existing plan benefits and cost
      • Confirm all employer/employee premium pre-tax opportunities are in place
      • Healthcare Savings Account and Healthcare Reimbursement  Account (does it make sense for you)
      • Supplemental - Voluntary/Work-site benefits
      • Specialty Products - Life, Supplemental Life, Short Term and Long Term Disability
      • Customer Service
      • Enrollment Meetings
      • Ongoing employee meetings
      • Administrative and Claim Issues

Because of our years of experience in the healthcare industry, we are able to support you and your employees in maximizing results in customer service. We serve as your advocate and liaison with the carriers every step of the way, while we can't make the cost of benefits cheaper, we can help get the answers you deserve.....

We are experienced with various funding mechanisms, such as, Minimum Premium and Administrative Services Only (ASO), which can be a good fit for employers willing to "self insure", accepting some of the risk or cost for medical and dental plans.  

We can provide access to resources for out-sourcing of the administration for your employee benefits.

Our experts will perform a thorough analysis to be sure the fit is right, including careful vendor selection of all required services.

Work-site and/or Supplemental Group products can be offered to compliment the featured benefits.

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